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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Prototype I Test Results

Well.. after playtesting the paper version of the game concept last week, here is a general summary of the conclusions drawn from the test:

- Core mechanics of attraction and movement work
- Balance of speed of movement and attraction power work at the set arbitiary values.
- Supernova mechanic needs quite A LOT of fine-tuning as we could result in a deadlock if we make the wrong choices.
- In regard to the Supernova mechanic, more balance will be needed in the digital version to actually make it useful and fair in the game.
- Objective of game, even for the specific case we tested, which is of planet defence, might need further specification when doing the actual digital version of the game.
- Consider other obstacles besides time to add challenge to the player.

Yup, from our simple prototype that about sums it up. Kinda reminds me of the last assignment we had to do in 3216, where the paper prototype is not enough to give a fair represenataion of the digital game, since so much of the game is reliant on physics of attraction and the dynamics of that mechanic. Well guys, guess we need to build an early digital prototype soon so that we can start on the tuning. But as far as the basic concepts go, it is still functionable so far.


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