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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Second Voyage

Another game idea I came up with during lecture yesterday, after thinking about what Ling Xiang said about the Valkyrie Profile world map flying thingy. So posting it here as part of SSS21.... hah. Anyway, as usual, take a read through, and see if you guys like the idea.

Game Idea #4: Rain Cloud

Players control a rain cloud, indirectly though. Players actually control the wind speed and wind direction to move the rain cloud. Move the rain cloud over water bodies to gain mass. Rain cloud changes to different types of clouds as the mass increase, and hence unleash different kinds of rain to fulfill the different objectives. Probably played from a top-down view or isometric view. Can be played either mission based or something like GTA where we have one large overworld and we guide the cloud to a certain spot to take a mission or something.

The objectives can really vary, some mild and mundane for beginners and some destruction based. Some that i thought of so far are things like:

- Rain a gentle summer rain over a pair of lovers.
- Rain to make crops grow.
- Produce a certain number of rainbows.
- Unleash a heavy rain to flood a river, or put out a forest fire.
- Unleash a storm / hurricane to destroy a town or buildings.
- Unleash a lighting storm to power a generator.
- Rain the heaviest storm to flood the world during the time of Noah's ark.

ok.. maybe the last one is a little far-fetched.. but everyone of these games need some sorta extreme rite? anyway.. think you guys get the idea.


- Players control wind speed with keyboard or something.
- Control wind direction by holding the keys down or something.
- Cloud gains mass as they move over water bodies, e.g. Seas or oceans, or at higher altitudes, or merging with other clouds, or moving over forest or somethings like that.
- Cloud loses mass when it goes into sunny or dry areas, like deserts.
- Realistic lighting can be considered to play a factor for the sunny areas.
- Real time can play a part in changing the time of day, affecting gaining or losing water mass, e.g. gain more mass in the night.
- Whether of environment can also be used as some sorta random factor.
- Clouds can change shape based on real-life cloud formations to produce different types of whether or storms, e.g. nimbostratus, cirrus.
- One button to activate rain, and maybe lighting, and maybe typhoon or what-not.

Yup... that's it.. again. This is a rough concept of it so far. Gameplay objectives and all can be further expanded, the important thing is deciding on a concept that we all like and think there is potential for it to be creatively expanded upon and probably easily implemented. This one is quite feasible i think. Give it some thought. And will someone go think of a way to expand the "vision" game thing and expand on it and propose it officially?


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