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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

angels and demons?

abit late for brainstorming, but this is the idea of the good/evil game i was thinking about:

main concept is somewhat similar to Black and White. but for B&W, you are a neutral god who can choose to lean towards the good or the evil sides. for my game idea tho, i'm trying to implement a system where you have to be both good and evil at the same time.

the background story could be a ludicrous comedic parody (like katamari) - humans are obsessed with their blasphemous Science, turning away from their roots. No one believes in the old stories of God and Devil anymore. They got real peeved at being ignored; now they are teaming up to convert men back to the true path again.

the core mechanics - probably a topdown perspective, a puzzle-like game. will probably be real-time rather than turn-based. the player controls one of two characters - the Angel or the Devil. characters can be switched in at any time, and each has its own set of powers and/or limitations too. for example, the devil cannot enter a church?

the aim for a stage will be to convert a certain number of people or specific targets. however, plaers will have to maintain a balance between the light and dark sides (god and devil are supposed to be buddies now) - so the player cannot just rely on using the devil's Nightmare powers while the target sleeps to pump his Dark belief; or to repeatedly Bless him so he is uninjured after suffering a car accident. the key is to think of creative ways for the two to work together to stage a setting and event so they can make their appearance and be worshipped/feared.

the biggest draw will probably be the interesting concept. the main problem is...we the developers will have to think of a LOT of possibilities to create a free non-linear gameplay. and as with many puzzle games, once a way has been found to complete a stage, replayability goes down. so it will definitely need a lot of work.


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