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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

lets be evil

i thought of a few ideas as well... on the theme of being evil. evil things satisfy the primal urges in us all. everyone loves to be evil. so brainstorming for innovative ways to be evil...

originally thought of a riot game...but state of emergency got that down. an assassin? plenty of those games lying around...hitman, tenchu, etc. how abt just some badass that beats up anyone and everyone? we have that already too...and this kind of game gets old and becomes brainless buttonmashing real fast. to make an evil game that no one has thought of before? a torture are an interrogator with a mission to get info out from those POWs and assorted civilians at -any- cost. think saw. think hostel. or maybe that could be just one aspect in a prisoner camp management game. ahhh...fresh pretty sure no one has done this kind of a game yet...but its sick..and not sure if we will get sued for breaching geneva conventions lol.

ok scrap that. ill think of something else.


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